iCoRe - The GDELT Interface for Communication Research


This project introduces the interface for Communication Research (iCoRe) to access, explore, and analyze the Global Database of Events, Language and Tone (GDELT; Leetaru & Schrodt, 2013). GDELT provides a vast, open source, and constantly updated repository of online news and event metadata collected from tens of thousands of news outlets around the world. Despite GDELT’s promise for advancing communication science, its massive scale and complex data structures have hindered efforts of communication scholars aiming to access and analyze GDELT. We thus developed iCoRe, an easy-to-use web interface that (a) provides fast access to the data available in GDELT (b) shapes and processes GDELT for theory-driven applications within communication research and (c) enables replicability through transparent query and analysis protocols.

iCoRe is open-source and under active development seeking interested contributors. A list of soon upcoming features can be obtained here.


Getting Started

  • Explore how to use iCoRe for advancing your own research and discover the technical backend that powers iCoRe.
  • Query & Analyze

  • Query large quantities of preprocessed news and event metadata. Coming soon: Analyze breaking news and events in near real-time!
  • Companion Paper

  • An introductory paper discussing iCoRe's features and applications has been published in Computational Communication Research. Here, we provide a link to the OSF preprint.

  • When using iCoRe, please consider citing this article: Hopp, F. R., Schaffer, J., Fisher, J. T., & Weber, R. (2019). iCoRe: The GDELT interface for the advancement of communication research. Computational Communication Research.